About Us

Rocky Ford Leather was born out of a drive to do better. When you feel the supple strength of a well made leather belt in your hands, a belt that wasn't made half way across the world in a sweatshop out of the cheapest materials that could be sourced, you feel like it could be the start of something better. Something local. Something quality. Something American.

Every product from Rocky Ford Leather is hand made by Max, the owner and craftsman of Rocky Ford Leather. Each piece is hand cut from whole sides of leather and made with quality, durability and simplicity in mind, and they're made to last a lifetime. We believe that high quality goods are worth making and are satisfying to own, and that you just can't get that feeling from something that was cut out by a machine, assembled by someone making pennies per hour, and shipped across an ocean in a container. You shouldn't have to put much thought into your leather goods. But they should make you think.

All of our goods are made to last a lifetime, and are guaranteed to do so. If ever your purchase fails you due to a defect in craftsmanship, I will repair or replace it. I stand behind my work, and proudly back my products 100%. I know that my products last because I've been using them for 15 years, and I still wear the first belt I made.

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